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Love and Dreams: Summer Engagement Photos

I never really thought I’d have one, I’m not the kind who plans everything. But somehow this photo shoot turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences we have as a couple.

This happened sometime in April 2011. It all started when a friend of Danel told him I’d never use a picture of us together as my profile picture in Facebook. I told him that wasn’t true at all. And then I mentioned I wanted to have an artistically taken photo of us two. I shared all of that with a good friend at the office who happened to be a model with lots of contacts, Mary, And then we had a short talk with another good friend at the office who wanted to practice his photography, Aaron. After Mary found a location and a few clothes from her friend’s online botique, she contacted another professional photographer and a make up artist, She really took care of all the details. It wouldn’t have been close to reality without her. She said I could consider that a birthday gift. It was one of the best gifts I had, really.

And so the pictures below happened. The experience for me was new, exciting, tiring, memorable and magical. I couldn’t be more grateful. ^____^ I’m sharing these in here just so I could keep the memory beautifully in tact. The proposal actually happened a few weeks after the shoot,and that deserves a separate post. Anyway, below are the rest of the details:

Location : Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife, Quezon City Philippines
Creative Director : Mary Anne Tuazon
Photographer : Aaron Medina
Hair and Makeup : Clarins Torrentegui
Clothes : MargaritaDreams Shop and my brother’s closet =)

And finally, some of the photos! pardon the varying quality. Notice how they are very different and very similar. We were a bit (or a lot?) awkward in posing, so it’s an unspeakable miracle how wonderful these tuned out! Enjoy!

204237_1927972169304_6903067_o 224051_1962109222709_912341_n 226571_1962110022729_3297867_n 227286_1962111182758_2626778_n 226761_1962111342762_6081402_n 227306_1962113582818_1470940_n 229276_1962114022829_941233_n 328046_2666610234794_2006651158_o 242679_1965029815722_503129_o 270528_2186618115291_3753143_n 221781_1962110382738_622541_n


3 things to look for in a husband (a.k.a. wedding anniversary realizations)

179922_10150894058216775_1471108285_n (1)
Credits to Kuya Felvir Ordinario for the picture 🙂

Ito ang nagagawa ng first wedding anniversary. You suddenly become a guru…not.

Now I don’t claim to be an expert of some sort on such colossal topics. In fact if I were to write self-help books they probably wouldn’t make it past the editor. But being married for a year now (yep, this exact same date last year! hurrah!) and already with a little infant as an addition to the family (baby bear Iko!), I should perhaps, at the very least, have valid basis for my opinion. My husband has taught  me, sometimes on purpose and most of the time without him knowing, a lot about what one should note down when trying to find someone they’re willing to get stuck with for all eternity. ^___^

Find someone imperfect with a desire to be perfected.

My husband is not perfect. Let me start with that. Well, I know no one who would claim otherwise when they speak of theirs. I married him with flaws and he married me with flaws (with more, I believe) and we recognized those and decided to work on them together. A year later, he still plays DOTA every now and then and I still raise my voice every now and then. But we are each other’s constant reminder, because we know we are not perfect and we need to be reminded.

Find someone with a heart of a child.

I know, I know this is hard, and cheesy. But this is true and vital. With marriage there is a tendency to just get tired of things and of routines especially when the going gets tough. But when your husband is a child at heart, surprises will never run out, fun will never stop, and laughter will never be missed. It’s refreshing to live with someone who can turn an awful day upside down just by his antics (Ex. a really loud and looong fart. Hah!) . And lets face it, in this life of demanding work and exhausting troubles, we all need play, and who knows play better than a child’s heart?

Find someone who loves you, and I really mean Head-over-heels/You are my world/I can’t live without you kind of love. 

News flash: This kind of love exists and it’s as real as the pain in your in grown nails. Love songs that tirelessly talk about such kind of devotion are not there for nothing. When you find and marry someone who actually makes all the love songs finally make sense to you, then half of your quest is made light. To me, everything can be a lie but my husband’s unconditional love for me will always be my basic truth. And because he loves me the way he does, doubts and fears take  the sidewalk and faith and happiness run the main road of my life.

Marriage is not easy, and to have the best companion is a must. When we make our choice, it always comes with the other end of the stick. I’ve realized that acceptance and learning are both important. And because I have my husband, I’ve realized that in the end, happiness becomes a constant choice, with conscious effort from both of us to make it last for all eternities – because that’s how much we love each other. 🙂

My husband is a fixer.

My husband is a fixer. Little (and large) unfixed things  around the house which I ignore, he somehow notices, and then fixes them. I wonder if all men are like that or if it’s just him, because he’s an engineer, and I suspect he has ADHD, so yeah. Maybe it is just him.

One time our living room bulb died on us. For weeks we didn’t do anything about it (I certainly had no power over things involving electricity so I never dared. And yes, I didn’t care that much.) If it was just me I could have lived without it. But he managed to fix it one day. And then I realized we needed it more than I thought we did.

Yesterday I complained that the house smelled awful. But that’s all I did (and then I went to eat something I guess). He, on the other hand, went sniffing around for minutes trying to search for t he culprit. Later on he learned that it’s  the pan that we left unwashed (actually I left it unwashed after cooking tuna. Ooops!) so he washed it. Smelly house got back to normal.

Tonight, I saw him carrying a screw driver (that’s what you call that thing, right?) and I was wondering what on earth he needed it for. When I asked I’ve realized he’s doing it again – fixing. He got rid of the hair strands (Yes, mostly mine. Alright I’m sorry.) that clogged our bathroom drain. Right now it has no direct impact on me but tomorrow I’m pretty sure I’d be grateful the water isn’t ankle deep after I shower.

I always thought I would be the one keeping our humble house in order. But I guess all I really do – or have done – is to start setting things up and complain or ignore them when they don’t function the way they’re supposed  to. So I need that. I need a fixer. I need my husband, and I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot more things to fix, both in the house and in our lives. So I guess I’m gonna have to keep him for a long time, say forever. ^___^
-written last October 16, 2012 at around 10pm (?)

So this is how it is…

So this is how it is

To love and and be loved ten times more in return
To never go to bed mad simply because you can’t
To wake up smiling and feeling protected and safe
To always have someone to cry on and laugh with
To hug and be hugged whether you need or not
To be yourself and not be judged but be accepted
To listen to one’s heart and equally to be heard
To not be afraid of the dark, nor of the storm
To be afraid of losing, much more of hurting
To feel happy because of someone else’s joy
To not care about swallowing useless pride
To hope for better things not just for yourself
To be grateful for your parents even more
To strive to prepare to be a good parent now
To reminisce and be amazed at how it all worked out
To actually see the fruits of faith and good works
To understand the word “family” in greater depth
To learn the true meaning of forgiveness
To eat or not eat anything and be contented
To finish each other’s sentences
To think each other’s thoughts
To see life the way it should be seen
To be reminded of things that matter most
To look forward to eternal life and eternal family

To desire for others to know the same kind of love
that I have
that you give
that we share

So this is how it is.

Photography by Felvir Ordinario

*Today we are celebrating our 4th month of being married. I cannot be more grateful nor happy. I feel so blessed.*


a broken heart

is pretty


a good person with

a broken heart

is very


the hopeless sobs and tears

of a good person with

a broken heart

is really



*A had to call a friend today. A very very good person. Whose heart is broken into pieces. And it didn’t happen to me, the breaking of a heart. Despite that, it pierced me that it hurt. It is the saddest call. I love her and if I could, I would wish her pain away. But now I can only try to comfort her and pray.*

Dreams do come true, Oh I know they do.

Dreamy and magical. I guess that’s it. That’s how I’d describe the love that we found. I’ve been dating a long time and he’s been dating a long time. We studied in the same University, belong to the same Church (though different areas), attended the same activities many many times, but our paths never crossed all those years. Until that one day. And the rest was… magic I guess, and love. Yeah. Lots of it.

We love our Heavenly Father for writing such a wondrous love story for both of us.