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If Never does not exist

It might be now.

It might Never be.

But Never is just a word.

It may not be real.

Never is for the human view.

Never may actually be untrue.

If Never does not exist

Would I then be closer to you?


A letter to my child

Liriko, our precious little man.

We know that in life the roads aren’t made of gold,
That people cry and people die, and memories grow old.
If in a mess you get caught up and feel you’re in a trance,
Stop and pray then read this letter once you get the chance:

My dearest child, remember that you are loved
By your parents on earth and your Father above
Your life is precious, your roots are divine.
When tested, be patient, perfection takes time.

Sometimes the world would mock what’s right
And one must choose between fight or flight.
In such a time child, firmly hold your ground.
Fear will wither where faith abounds.

Sometimes your plate might seem awfully full
And you’ll even wonder why you have to go to school.
In such a time child, think of what really matters
A few things are treasures in the grandest ever after.

Sometimes the righteous, they suffer even more
And you’ll see good people dragged further to the floor.
When it seems like for evil the stars are all aligned
Remember that for this, justice He designed.

Sometimes you’ll get hurt and sorrow you’ll find.
You might even lose hope and faith in mankind.
But think of how once He atoned for your sins,
And learn what great joy forgiveness can bring.

Sometimes in love, you think He’s unfair
That He answers others yet ignores your prayers.
When in waiting it seems your life’s mostly spent
Just think that it would all make sense in the end.

My dearest child, remember that you are loved
By your parents on earth and your Father above
Your life is precious, your roots are divine.
When tested, be patient, perfection takes time.

Not everyone lives

Not everyone with eyes sees
Not everyone with ears hears
Not everyone with heart loves
Not everyone with lips speaks

If not everyone who exists lives,
Then what good is the breath He gives?


*Finished this poem in a few minutes after I got really frustrated with people who just don’t listen (so the original first line was “not everyone with ears listens”). So much in the world would be better if  we would only seek to understand a little more…*


Sleep my child and dream of love,
of clouds, of stars, of heav’n above.
Rest my love in mother’s arms.
I’ll sing to you and keep you warm.


*It’s February! And I have been off the blogging grid for the rest of the Holidays and yes, the whole first month of 2013. But I am determined to get back. After all, it’s a new year and a good time time to start doing things right…again. I am happy to create and write again. Our house is looking better and at six months, my tummy is completely blocking my view of my feet – YES, IT IS HUGE. So since the baby is going to come soon, we figured we should prepare some original songs for him. I am a writer and my husband is a composer, so why not? And so that up there is the first song. Still has no music but I want it to be a lullaby. My very first, for my special special child. And oh! he’s got a pretty interesting name. But that’s a different blog post. ^__^*

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If your swivel chair can swirl you away up into the sky

and throw you out in a distant happy land of your choice,

oh how often would you sit on it?

If every word, every thought you enter on your keyboard comes true,

oh how many wishes and wonders would you type just for them to be real?

If every time you stare at your monitor, you may see whatever you wish to see,

oh how much of the past, present and future would fill your view?

If the days of your calendar can lengthen or shorten according to your needs with just one look,

oh how many stress-free days would you spend?

If only Magic was a word you can own…

would you want to own it, the whole of it, in every sense, for all time?

*Magic: The power to do impossible, wonderful, scary things at your finger tips. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with this notion. Sometimes I want it so bad. Sometimes I cringe at the thought of it. If it is possible for one to be so powerful in this mortal existence, would it be wise to choose such a path?*

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