A World Without Fathers

I must say the mere thought scares me.

Think for a moment of a world where there are no fathers to provide for the family, to enforce and uphold rules and order in the home, to train young men and young women to be noble and hardworking, to support the wives in their sacred duties, to decide firmly on how to face challenges, to encourage learning by experience even if that means you may get hurt sometimes, to correct mistakes with pure love and care, to inspire to dream and to actually make them happen, to teach how to fight and stand for what is right, to protect their families, to take part in creating and rearing children, to take upon them the holy priesthood, to offer a sturdy shoulder to cry on or a warm hug when you need it, to say exactly what you need to hear, even if it sometimes hurts, to walk you through and guide you during the shaky moments of your life, to show examples of courage, strength, and integrity, to serve, and to love.

If all these are not enough to prove that fathers are precious in this world, think of this:

“Of all the titles of respect and honor and admiration that are given to deity, He asked us to address Him as Father.”

So to all mothers and children, (like myself) let us give the fathers what they truly deserve: our trust, support, and love.

And to all fathers, please continue to be just that: Fathers – in the truest sense of the word. The world is a lot better because you are here.

My father is not with us anymore, and there are days when I regret that I haven’t been able to say I love him enough. So it’s a good thing that there’s eternity. I love him dearly and I will surely see him again. But I will not make the same mistake ever again.

To my dear Kuyas and to my friends who are already fathers – Thank you very much for being fathers to your children 🙂

To our beloved Bunsoy, to my brothers-in-law, and to my friends who will be fathers  – I am excited to see you rock it 😉

To the father of my husband – Thank you for all your hard work and for bringing him up so well 🙂

And to the one and only father of my little one – You’ve been great. Many more bumps and bruises will come but I know our child will be okay. I know he’ll learn everything he needs to learn to be a good father himself, because he has you. Thank you. We love you. ^__^

A world without fathers is unthinkably chaotic. So I will be eternally grateful to our Heavenly Father for bringing fathers into this world. He sure knows what we all need 🙂

Happy Father’s Day!!!



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