Thankful Tuesdays/Love and Ðreams : Our Prenuptial Photos and Videos

Truth to be told, our prenuptial photos and videos are a few of the things I could say I am really proud of and grateful for. So allow me to make  this post a cross between the entry series Love and Dreams (All about…well…my love and dreams. haha!) and Thankful Tuesdays (All about things/people/events I am grateful for)

I have two main reasons for this.

1. The concept was a product of our bonding, imagination and creativity as a couple. The whole dream+fairy and farmer theme was something we came up with after stress free talks, We even had a story line! It was so much fun talking about it . It was a much needed break from all the pressure we encountered back then.

2. We were so blessed to work with very good and super talented friends. Each and everyone helped us so much. I believe I owe it to them to share to the world how talented they are. They deserve to be known and applauded. And also, I believe it is never too late to say “Thank you”. =)

And so here are the people and the rest of the details that made that day both lovely and memorable. Do not think twice on contacting them for your own events. =)

Venue: UP Diliman (Sunken Garden, Lagoon, Eng’g building, Educ building)
Theme: The dream (Fairy and Farmer fall in love)
Photos by: Aaron Medina (facebook) Mark Anthony Rosario (facebook)
Videos by: Ian Reyes (website.facebook)
Hair and Make up by: Kriselle Lumagui (youtube channel.facebook)
Our clothes by: Us! =)
My floral crown by: Debbie Villareal

The Photos (From Aaron)






The Photos (From Mark)





The Save the Date Video (From Ian)

The Prenuptial Video (From Ian)


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