Sleep my child and dream of love,
of clouds, of stars, of heav’n above.
Rest my love in mother’s arms.
I’ll sing to you and keep you warm.


*It’s February! And I have been off the blogging grid for the rest of the Holidays and yes, the whole first month of 2013. But I am determined to get back. After all, it’s a new year and a good time time to start doing things right…again. I am happy to create and write again. Our house is looking better and at six months, my tummy is completely blocking my view of my feet – YES, IT IS HUGE. So since the baby is going to come soon, we figured we should prepare some original songs for him. I am a writer and my husband is a composer, so why not? And so that up there is the first song. Still has no music but I want it to be a lullaby. My very first, for my special special child. And oh! he’s got a pretty interesting name. But that’s a different blog post. ^__^*

Photo source here.


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