Of things that matter most

It bothers me  to think that there’s just too much of the self-appreciation, celebration and pride going on in the world  today that the most vital and beautiful of all truths is overshadowed by the most mundane, deceitful, pointless facets of human interests.

Take for example, fashion. I whole-heatedly  have nothing against dressing up and looking good. When I know I am about to see someone I love dearly, I would think of looking my best. I know my husband likes the way I look whatever the season, but I want to look extra special on some days just for him. I would dress up nicely and pick my clothes well when I would go to church, as if I’m meeting my Heavenly Father. BUT this I don’t get: To post what you wear every single day with details on where you bought them and how you chose each item, especially having that anticipation at the back of your head that people you care less about, or hardly even know would praise you, is just a little over the top…for me at least. In essence, making yourself look “special” gets digested in the routine of the ordinary. I know some people claim fashion to be their passion, and that’s all fine. I just don’t get why there seems to be an irrepressible urge to parade and overdo stuff. I’m not saying I don’t get that urge every now and then. Social acceptance in form of compliments can make anyone feel good. But perhaps it takes a lot to refocus on things that matter most sometimes.

So that got serious. Okay. (-_-)

On an entirely different note, Christmas is coming!

(^__^) CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!!!!! (^___^)

Hurrray! ^_____^ This quote from PresThomas S. Monson inspired me so much, and reminded me of what I should and shouldn’t be stressed about. Maybe we need that once in a while; A gentle reminder.

All the beautiful photos came from A Beautiful Mess blog by Elsie and Emma: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/

I pray that this Holiday season, we would all be blessed with wisdom to prioritize the important over the unimportant and to discern between enough and too much.


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