Three December Goals

It’s weird that once the Holiday season kicks in, you seem to start panicking, thinking of all the things you need to do, and yet at the same time, you gradually seep in the laid back attitude because you yearn for the much awaited rest and never ending feasts with families and friends. I do not want that clash to get the best out of me, and I hate not being productive, so I figured I need to do something about it.

Hence, to start my December right, I would like to have a month-long goal. This blog entry from Emma pretty much inspired me to create simple goals in a short span of time. It’s too good not to emulate. And I decide how simple they would be so it wouldn’t hurt at all  to try.

>Have 1 general home cleaning day and decorate at least 1 part of  the house (I am thinking of trying it with the living room first). We have paintings and mirrors to hang, pictures to print and frame and some more stuff to buy so our living room would look more cozy and homey. Who wouldn’t love to go home to a neatly decorated place?

>Start my Mommy journal/scrapbook. This one I need to do – Now. I mean, how often would I get pregnant and have the time to document it? I don’t want to rely on my very very poor memory (ask my husband, he knows.) when my little one asks “how big was your tummy when I was inside? what songs did you use to sing to me? what books did you use to read to me?”. Other than that, I want to do this for me, so I would have a way to track my own changes and evaluate how good or bad those are. ^__^ Self evaluation is something I always like to do.

>Resume personal scripture study. I have to admit, I have been very lazy lately, and I am always trying to justify it by saying that a pregnant woman like me needs all the rest she can get. But it just doesn’t feel right. Because it isn’t. We do read the scriptures, as a couple. But it’s different when you actually study and you do it on your own. It’s like your personal study with Heavenly Father apart from prayers. Plus, I miss learning and studying (and teaching actually).

There you go. If I make any progress, I’ll post something immediately. If I don’t then… I’ll blame my husband for not helping me.

Hahaha! ~


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