I don’t have everything I wished for, but…

I started dreaming of fancy things  in life when I was in nursery and prep school. I would see my classmates’ hi-tech (during those times, yes) pencil cases, pink stroller bags, neat notebooks and expensive pencils and I would say, “Someday I’ll get me one of those”.

I started dreaming of what I then thought as a better life when I was in grade school. I wanted all the extravagance TV showed me. All  the glitz, the wonders, the riches – it made sense to own such and then live happily ever after. I thought, “When I grow bigger, I’d get me one of those.”

I started dreaming of a love life when I was in high school. I’d read romantic novels and watch cheesy (and pretty lame) romantic movies and series and it made perfect sense  to share my “better life” with the “best man”. I declared, “When I become a woman, I’d get me one of those real life Princes and we would live happily ever after.”

I started dreaming of an eternal life when I was baptized. I saw one of my closest, sort of older sister at church get married in the temple and I told myself, “One day, I would get married in the temple and I’d be the happiest girl in the world”.

Well, now I am 25 years old, eligible to have a quarter life crisis. And let me tell you that I didn’t get most of the things I told myself I would have. I’m still not rich. I don’t have no land, car, house, even a stroller or hi-tech pencil case on my name. But I did have two of the things I wished and dreamed for: My prince, and my eternal marriage.

I’ve been married to the most passionate, talented, intelligent, funny, attractive, loving, and worthy man I know. And for 5 months, it’s been pure bliss. When I say bliss, I mean it with all the crying every now and then but kiss and make up afterwards. Isn’t that what bliss is all about? Having to get through both happy and tough times and still being a hundred percent sure that you won’t be anything but happy and loved in the end, and beyond.

I’ve read somewhere that 90% of your happiness in life depends on who you marry. I guess that pretty much explains why not having the childish dreams I had doesn’t make me a tad sentimental nor sad. Because they don’t matter. And I know a man who knows what does. And he is with me, eternally. I can’t think of any other dream but to build a bigger family with him. That, and maybe a pink stroller for my future baby girl, or blue if he’s a baby boy. ^___^

So to sum up my 25 years of existence, I could say that I don’t have everything I wished for, but I have exactly what I need.

There he is. If he isn’t gorgeous, I don’t know what is. Happy 5 months, Naniw! ^___^
-Photography by Aaron Medina

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