If your swivel chair can swirl you away up into the sky

and throw you out in a distant happy land of your choice,

oh how often would you sit on it?

If every word, every thought you enter on your keyboard comes true,

oh how many wishes and wonders would you type just for them to be real?

If every time you stare at your monitor, you may see whatever you wish to see,

oh how much of the past, present and future would fill your view?

If the days of your calendar can lengthen or shorten according to your needs with just one look,

oh how many stress-free days would you spend?

If only Magic was a word you can own…

would you want to own it, the whole of it, in every sense, for all time?

*Magic: The power to do impossible, wonderful, scary things at your finger tips. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with this notion. Sometimes I want it so bad. Sometimes I cringe at the thought of it. If it is possible for one to be so powerful in this mortal existence, would it be wise to choose such a path?*

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