So this is how it is…

So this is how it is

To love and and be loved ten times more in return
To never go to bed mad simply because you can’t
To wake up smiling and feeling protected and safe
To always have someone to cry on and laugh with
To hug and be hugged whether you need or not
To be yourself and not be judged but be accepted
To listen to one’s heart and equally to be heard
To not be afraid of the dark, nor of the storm
To be afraid of losing, much more of hurting
To feel happy because of someone else’s joy
To not care about swallowing useless pride
To hope for better things not just for yourself
To be grateful for your parents even more
To strive to prepare to be a good parent now
To reminisce and be amazed at how it all worked out
To actually see the fruits of faith and good works
To understand the word “family” in greater depth
To learn the true meaning of forgiveness
To eat or not eat anything and be contented
To finish each other’s sentences
To think each other’s thoughts
To see life the way it should be seen
To be reminded of things that matter most
To look forward to eternal life and eternal family

To desire for others to know the same kind of love
that I have
that you give
that we share

So this is how it is.

Photography by Felvir Ordinario

*Today we are celebrating our 4th month of being married. I cannot be more grateful nor happy. I feel so blessed.*


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