unwavering dreams

I dream dreams
of apples and stars and streams

I sing songs
of laughter and love and lost

I wonder wonders
of souls and dawns and thunders


And it’s all that matters –


they’ll never falter

* You know how it feels when you dream such wonderful dreams and you wake up believing they’re true? I miss that. When I was about 6 or 7 I dreamed about flying. The dream opened not right on  the flying scene. It started on the scene when I was about to learn how to fly. Like Peter pan teaching Wendy. I thought of happy thoughts and I felt so light I barely noticed I was floating. And then I just had to align my body so I could actually fly. Then the wind was brushing my ecstatic face as I  took my flight to wonder world. Then I woke up. And like every kid, ( I suppose) I went to our backyard and tried every single thing down to the tiniest detail. But it didn’t happen. I didn’t fly. I was heart broken. And yet the memory is very dear to me. Now I can only write a poem about it.*


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