An ode to him, a Poem for you

One of our shots in our dramatic (right? right?) engagement photo shoot last April 2011. I’ll be sharing more soon, hopefully ^__^
Photography by Aaron Medina

Oh speak no more

be still and hear

even the wind

whispers my dear

Time and again

your love i feel

unfeigned it is

at times surreal

Worry never

I’ll be hither

tide or thunder

come whatever

Words won’t suffice

my thoughts are much

but please do know

my end for such

long twisted rhyme

is just to buy

your precious time

to let you know

that you are loved

and that I praise

my God above

I ceased to wait

left all to faith

and now you’re here

can’t help but say

God is just great…just great =)

*Made this around March last year, around the time I was contemplating on how blessed  I am to have found a wonderful wonderful man. He proposed April of the same year. We got married this June and we’re expecting our first child May next year. What a keeper. 


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