On “To Do” Lists

Image taken from here: http://richarddingwall.name/2009/07/13/a-programmers-secret-weapon-the-humble-to-do-list/

I’ve got quite a lot of “To do” things in life which are earning cobwebs in the PENDING status. There are just soooo many stuff to do and there seems to be so little time, all the time.

Since I am gonna be a pretty preggy mom (I already am but I mean really preggy) in no time, I think I need to keep track of things in life I need to accomplish before the time to stay-in-bed-the-whole-day-cause-you’re-so-pregnant comes. >_< So here they are:

1. Start a side business – I’ve stumbled upon this cool article once and I got really inspired to ACTUALLY (because I have always dreamed of it) start our own business and earn from being creative and busy not doing something for somebody. Plus, I cannot stay in the corporate world forever, especially when my little one comes out. I have to be a mom. A working-at-home-but-purely-hands-on MOM.

2. Decorate (and regularly CLEAN) our new home – Perhaps this is the neat freak/designer voice in me saying “What kind of a house is that?” every single day I open my eyes and see my home. As newlyweds we’ve rented this new apartment starting around mid-June this year and I haven’t had much progress since then. Sometimes I blame it on lack (money, time, helper, kick) or on presence (baby in tummy, mood, distracting husband! haha!) of things. But hey! It’s just decorating and cleaning. It’s not earning a million in a week. I can do this. Good thing I always get inspired when I visit a favorite blog. She’s also busy decorating her new home but unlike me, she is actually making it happen.

3.  Resume journal writing and creating literature – I was on fire when we were dating. I would create poems every week. And then we got engaged. And then we started planning our wedding : that’s when I stopped writing. I stopped writing letters, poems, journal entries. I just stopped and lived and didn’t record. There was just so many things happening I couldn’t sit down and gather all my wits to put  all the wonderful things in writing. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why I started this blog. So I could write like crazy again. I miss my old writer self. I actually prefer pen and paper. But since I am in front of the computer most of the day,  I guess this would suffice…for now. While I don’t plan to make this a journal, I do plan to publish poems every now and  then here ^__^ (just thinking about it makes me excited) A baby is coming, and just the word “baby” brings me to the world of words on a whim.

So there you go. I’ll start small, just three main things TO DO.  My boss always tells me to do that: Start small. I guess he’s right since he’s successful in business and all. So I will. I think I have to have a schedule, so I’ll add that here some time. And I will move up and add more. And live more and more.


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